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Condo owners are more than ever questioning acoustics before buying a unit or even renovating their property. Noise transfer between units in multifamily buildings is inevitable but can be greatly reduced to reach a satisfactory level of comfort.


As an accredited AcoustiCONDO retailer and partner, our team is trained to provide a personalized and professional service.


AcoustiCONDO is an efficient and simple tool used to quickly identify the appropriate acoustic product(s) to install when replacing your flooring. The objective of this program is to guide you in finding the best solutions to optimize the acoustic efficiency of your condo and therefore fulfill your condo board requirements.  


If you are a condo board management company or director, the AcoustiTECH team works closely with our team to analyze your building structure (plans), provide recommendations and offer support in creating or improving an acoustic regulation chart.


We look forward to working along with you to provide the piece of mind you and your neighbors deserve.

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